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3 men in a boat, 300, adventures with pirates!, aikido, ale, alternative music, angry white pyjamas, b3ta, bad photoshoppin', because, being a-bit-of-a spaz, big hands, big stompy boots, bill bailey, billy connolly, black books, books, cake!, cheese, clicking my joints, colin mochrie, crooked little fingers, cynicism, damn weird shit, dara o'briain, david mitchell, david wenham, discursive books, discworld, doctor watson, dracula, dylan moran, eating raw cake mix, eddie izzard, extreme jenga, fantasy, femmeslash, fighting as a substitute for sex, finger pointing, fingerless gloves, fire fire pretty fire, freaky toes, fried pizza, gentleman thieves, good omens, grammar nazis, ha-ha!, haggis rolls, hellboy, hignfy, house m.d., hugs, inappropriate laughter, insane crossovers, interests that no-one else has, isirta, jam and jerusalem, james may, jasper fforde, jeremy clarkson, julian barrett, just a minute, language, league of extraordinary gentlemen, licking, made up words, magical trevor, makin' macros, making cake, marcus brigstocke, marzipan, mayhem, middleaged homosexual threesomes, mighty boosh, misanthropy, monkey dust, monty python, moon on a stick, mutant parrots, my left wrist, naming things 'jim', neil gaiman, nicknames, ninja wizards, nonsensical crack!pairings, offensive jokes, old skool rock, padlockigami, peanut butter, phantom of the opera, poking other people's bruises, portmanteau words, puerile humour, puns, qi, radio 4, random acts of kindness, real beer, robert the gay sheep, rocky horror picture show, rolling in hops, ronseal, rpf, rps, rubbing glitter onto hetrosexual men, rule 34, saffron, science, sherlock holmes, shiny things, shock humour, shouting badgers, singing out of tune, ska, skuddlin', sky pirates, slash, space cowboys, spoons, square scotch eggs, stephen fry, superdickery, sweet zombie jesus!, tea made in a teapot, terry pratchett, the pit of voles, the ultimate showdown, things with no context, thoughts that you're not-supposed-to-have, toe socks, top gear, v for vendetta, vampire pirates, van helsing, watching normal people, weird science, werewolf highwaymen, whose line, why, why again, wicked, word play, words, zombie crimelords
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